Update: - Oct. 19, 2003

WIBS is currently undergoing furious revision to plug into general purpose calendar applications and to provide stronger desktop security. Thanks to Cocoon, the next release will be an "XML directed" architecture that uses a WebDAV proxy to talk to mainstream calendar apps, like Mozilla's, and uses jena for inferences about scheduling and booking. We have implemented a SOAP-based authentication piece for Windows with pGina and are finalizing a relationship with a linux desktop vendor supplier for a similar layer for linux desktops. Feel free to download and use what's here now but if you can wait a few more weeks, the next release of WIBS will have:

For more information, see the main WIBS page.

WIBS stands for Windsor Internet Booking System. It is based on the wonderful MRBS (Meeting Room Booking System) and is designed to mediate access to public stations in libraries. WIBS features include:

WIBS is in production at Windsor Public Library and at the University of Windsor but should be considered alpha software anywhere else. The server side requirements are the same as for MRBS, namely Apache , PHP , and MySQL. You can download the running version here and see the installation instructions and a brief FAQ here.

Please note: This will be the last release of WIBS that uses PHP and Apache, all future releases will be built with Java, Tomcat, and Cocoon.

The links to the production sites show the "day to day" activity of WIBS as it exists now. The following screenshots also give you a sense of what WIBS looks like on the desktop station itself. On a typical day, WIBS looks like this:

View of WIBS for Pre-booking

Patrons who "pre-book", or those who take a chance that a timeslot is free, see the following logon screen at each station:

Logon Screen Presented at Station

The patron uses their barcode (assuming the ILS has a means of accessing the patron database), and either picks up their "pre-booking" or if the slot is available, gets a new booking. The time policies are all set by the individual library. What the patron sees on a successful booking is the following:

WIBS Logon Screen

The browser counts down the time until the session is complete. If WIBS sounds like it meets your needs, and you need more information, please contact Art Rhyno (please note: the latest distribution is wibs05a2.zip) .

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